okay but can you imagine Bucky fucking something up and Steve’s laughing at him and Bucky glares and goes “Would you stop laughing at my boner and help me do something about it?” 

and somewhere in the background Sam chokes on his food, knocks his knee into the counter and falls over to curl up on the floor and Steve just laughs louder


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No wonder Sitwell exclaims, “Are you kidding me?”  He fell at least 150 feet, smashed through a glass roof, and landed on a marble floor hard enough to bounce.  By all rights he should have died on impact, or sustained enough spinal and pelvic damage to be crippled for life.  Instead, he winces, staggers to his feet, and dashes for the garage.

That serum is a frickin’ MIRACLE.

It’s also the shield.  He does this in the comics all the goddamn time because he’s an IDIOT.  But by tucking his body around the shield, it absorbs the brunt of the impact, the vibranium absorbing the force, the same way it does in Avengers when Thor hits him dead on with Mjolnir.

The fact that he DID it, though, is reason enough to scream “Are you kidding me?” let alone the fact that he survived it.

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there’s all this stuff  about steve discovering modern music and don’t get me wrong i am About That but i just want to make sure we talk about how many songs would be about steve, in the mcu as it stands. steve is a cultural icon! steve is a national symbol! the line in don mclean’s american pie would be “the day the captain died!” there would be a springsteen song about how like, the narrator found himself driving into brooklyn with mary and they laid out on the hood of his truck and he thought about days gone by when captain america wandered these streets! there’d be a steve rogers version of candle in the wind!

just think about it, okay, sam constantly putting the songs on steve’s ipod and totally knowing when they were playing, because steve would get all uncomfortable when they came on and like, weird about it, but also, you know, a little bit like


and it’d be so beautiful, man. it’d be so beautiful.

Only Sam didn’t rec Steve white artists from New Jersey. I think the bigger argument is, who exactly “owns” Captain America, culturally? He’s canonically a New Deal democrat - is his legacy regularly trampled the way, say, Dr Seuss’ is? Are songs about him as routinely misinterpreted as Born In The USA? He’s the ultimate symbol of patriotism - how is that symbol used? Sam’s taste, or at least what he’s reccing Steve, is tending towards old-school Motown, maybe some jazz, rhythm and blues - would black artists even embrace Captain America? I kind of doubt it. I think if anything, you’d see some tension between the kind of music Sam’s reccing Steve, and the kind of music that would proudly and repeatedly reference Steve, even if that music is Springsteen-style progressive.

Oh god oh god oh god, imagine no one telling Steve about Isaiah Bradley until Sam recommends a song to him and he researches what it’s about and is suddenly breaking down all the doors in the US government because why the fuck do I have a Smithsonian exhibit and Isaiah Bradley doesn’t even have an official biography???

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